July 4, 2007 - Peachtree Road Race

For the first time, Jill and I try the Peachtree.

It's the world's largest 10k run...

...but as Jill's co-worker put it, it is more of a parade.

We were in the back, so I didn't see these people, but I love the idea!


Creative, but the ads suck.

A little perspective.


Is that Matteo?

Brendan finishes long before Jill and I do.

Crossing the finish line, just before we went for a drink.

Our time: 1:29:06

We walked the whole thing at "airport pace."

The cool thing is that we didn't slow. Our last few miles (uphill) was actually a little faster than our first few (downhill).

This year's shirt.


The after party -
Oh yeah, the winning times:
Men - 28:01 (from Kenya)
Women - 31:44 (Etheopia)
Wheelchair - 19:26:20 (Australia)