July 1, 2007 - Canada Day/Paul's T-Day

From: Caroline Ayers [mailto:ayersc@ecu.edu]
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 9:30 PM
Subject: 7/1 celebration

On Sunday, Paul's tenure and promotion to associate professor becomes effective.
If you recall, when we were in Galapagos, P bought a "I love boobies" t-shirt,
which he said he dared not wear until he was tenured. He has said that is what he
will wear when he goes into the office on the day he is tenured--he's told his
students that he something special to wear on the day he is tenured so I expect
they are wondering what it is. When I talked with S tonight, she suggested that I email
and remind everyone that Sunday is the big day we said were
were going to wear our Galapagos shirts--along with P.

Although mine isn't nearly so "interesting" as Paul's, I plan to put on my
shirt with the blue-footed boobies on it as soon as I get home from church Sunday.
(I don't think it would be appropriate church attire or I'd wear it Sunday
morning.) My plan is to take a picture to send to him to let him know I
remembered--you might want to do that also.

July 1 is also Canada Day! (I suppose that means Paul gets to celebrate twice that


I got [these] pics from one of Paul's grad students.
When we talked to P yesterday, he said he didn't think anyone would be in today because all Canadians would be celebrating Canada Day, and they were the students who usually came to office on weekends.

Paul behind the Chem Building at McMaster (if memory serves).

Another campus shot.

Paul celebrates with a drink.

Enough fun.

Back to work.

I also attached the picture of myself in my Galapagos shirt that I emailed P. Not very good, but, as they say, "It's the thought that counts."

Counting down to the beach. Not long now. Happy Canada Day. And (more importantly to us) happy "Paul's Tenure/Promotion Day."

Love, C

I wear my matching shirt to a women's USTA tennis match in support of Paul.
Congrats, Professor!