June 15-16, 2007 - College World Series

One of my first real kickbacks in my new job: tickets to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.
Dad and I fly out to Omaha and stay in a casino across the Missouri River in Iowa.
The first night, we got to see the great fireworks display across from our hotel room (looking across the Missouri). Cool show!

The next morning, we head to the stadium. The hotel shuttle takes us to 16th street where we see lines of folks waiting hours and hours to get reserved seats (as opposed to general admission in the outfield).

We walked around the tailgating area and up and down 16th, but decide to beat the heat in a bar-tent, watch a little U.S. Open (golf), and have a few drinky-drinks.
We ventured to the Famous Dave's house for some BBQ, but came back here to watch golf on one TV and, after it started, the first baseball game on another Tv.

Captain Morgan and his wenches drop in.

After a few beers, we head to the stadium.

Finally inside.

Our first game (session 2).

Our seats are amazing. Third row by 3rd base.

National Anthem.

Game on.

scenes from the game, which UNC won...

The next game we saw (the next day) was Rice and UC Irvine Anteaters.
Everyone wanted them to win - because Rice is good - and you can't root against an Anteater!

scenes from the game...

(the pitch)

(swing battah!)

(looking the runner back to first)

(the preparation)

(the pitch)
Rice won. Another close game - and come from behind win. The first four games were come-from-behind victories... Amazing baseball!

Fun stuff. I'll definately go back at some point. It was hot, but the atmosphere was amazing.
Just another chance to re-affirm that pro sports suck.
Thank you SO MUCH for the tickets, Mike!!