June 10, 2007 - North Dakota (Mom's birthday), Day 3, part 2

We leave the zoo and head toward the state capitol.

Kelsey poses with the cool bison statue. The detail is exquisite.

Sakakawea (they drop the 'g/j' most of the time here.
That's the tallest building in North Dakota behind her - the 19-story Capitol.

You can bearly make it out, but the pansies behind Jill and Kelsey spell out "North Dakota."

We take a tour of the Capitol with a lady that clearly gets cooped up in there alone too much.
The tour starts in the women's restroom.

Interesting note, the seal has 42 stars because they decided on the design before they were admitted to the union. (They were the 39th state.)

We got to see the room where the state House convenes.

Senate, too.

Famous North Dakotans - Lawrence Welk.

Phil Jackson.
Also, Roger Maris (baseball player), Warren Christopher (fmr Sec. of State for Bill Clinton), Angie Dickinson (actress), Ivan Dmitre (artist), Louis L'Amour (author), Peggy Lee (singer), and Edward K. Thompson (editor).
These and more have their portaits hung in the basement of the Capitol, having received the exchibit of the Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider Award. (TR was NOT from ND.)
For a complete list of recipients (and to see how many famous NDans you know),
click here.

A parting look at the state capitol.

Uncle Wayne found an interesting lunch spot.

It's like Hard Rock Cafe for Roswell, NM visitors.

My windshield is a little buggy, even though I'd cleaned it several times.

Well, short weekend, but we think we did most of what ND had to offer.
(Wayne and Caroline did more. They DROVE from Greenville, NC. They saw Fargo, went up to the International Peace Gardens and into Manitoba, and basically drove all over, scouting out Bismarck in advance to get the lay of the land. They made things much smoother. Thanks W&C!)

Kelsey was really good the whole trip, despite there being nothing interesting for kids. We kept saying we were going to a park, but then it turned out to be a national park or a state park - NOT the kind with slides and stuff.
My favorite line was (very innocently and sadly asked) "Is this going to be my kind of park?"
Anyway, this fit was because Jill colored green on a page of her coloring book.

This is clear across the termainal. Seriously. From Gate 1 to Gate 4.

Arrivals for the next 7 1/2 hours cover a mere five flights.
The next four departures included one the next morning.

Anyway, that was ND.
I'm not rushing back, but I really enjoyed my time there.
Most importantly, I really think my mom did, too.
Thanks to everyone who made the trip to make it special for her!!!