June 10, 2007 - North Dakota (Mom's birthday), Day 3, part 1

From the long ride yesterday, we hit lots of bugs.

We wake up early and hit the Bismarck Zoo.
These are Highland Cattle, from Scotland.
I love their sexy tufts of hair over their eyes!

Bison, baby!

Bison babies!

Home, home on the range.
Where the deer...

...and the antelope play.

Mountain goat.

Bull elk.

Hard to see, but this reindeer has a huge rack!
(Antlers, I mean.)

Kelsey and I go meet a clydesdale.

Kelsey feeds him.

Dude's a vaccuum!

That's a skanky emu!

Not sure, but cute!

Well, maybe so ugly he's cute...

Jill loves the brown bears!

They're hot ursas!

White peacock (or 'pea fowl' as they're now being called).

We saw two golden eagles fighting. This is the victor.

Two other eagles hanging out.

Sandhill crane, a migratory bird and occasional resident of the Dakotas.