June 9, 2007 - North Dakota (Mom's birthday), Day 2

This is a cotton drift.
S'like snow!

What's dem holes?

Prarie dogs!

Cute li'l critters...

Wild horses.
They just stood there, but they scared Jill a little bit. (I drove too close.)

More Badlands...

The sky is AMAZING!


It's a pretty big bull. Maybe 1500lb.

Another bison.



Medora is basically owned by one company. They have the only golf course, they host a wild west musical, and they host a unique dinner experience.

Pitchforks of beef - ribeyes and strips...

Cooked in huge vats of oil.
Good stuff!
Pitchfork Fondue!

Jill and I pose in front of an actually good part of the Badlands, next to where we ate.

The forks are clean now.

The vats are silent, though the oil is still hot!

Kelsey and I play on rocks.

Lovely ladies.

The shopping area of Medora.

Across the street, in a churchyard or schoolyard is a slide made of cow catchers.

It doesn't look steep,

but you get moving on it!

on the way back to Bismarck, we pass white-tail deer...

...and mule deer (the far-right thing silhouetted on the hill-top).