June 9, 2007 - North Dakota (Mom's birthday), Day 2, part 1

Sunrise over downtown Bismarck.

We head west on I-94 towards Medora. This view of Geese in Flight is the one from I-94, but to see more, you have to drive off on a basically unmarked road that goes from Gladstone (a no-stoplight town) south to Regent (a larger no-stoplight town).

Intended to feature the largest metal sculptures in the world, the Enchanted Highway has several highlights on its 32-mile length. This is the second, two deer (one jumping over a fence, which has fallen down). This is about 5 miles south of the Geese.

I had to pee. This was my view. I find it striking. Gentle, warm breeze, wildflowers, small hills miles away visible across the prarie...

#3, Grasshopper Delight - the world's largest grasshopper.

Kelsey plays on the nearby doohickey.

The Tin Family.

Holy tractor, Batman!

Strange little bird.

VERY strange little bird - possibly a prarie chicken.

"Tin Pa" is 45 feet tall and is supported by 16 telephone poles.

The collar of "Tin Ma" is scythe blades.

At the south end of the Enchanted Highway is Regent, a sad little place.
The only restaurant is only open on weekends. The waitress/cook/manager (yes, one lady) was a little overwhelmed when 9 people arrived at once.

You push a button and this frightening hell's-glockenspiel comes to life.

There are precious little tourist picture opportunities in North Dakota, but we found most of them.

Heading back north on the Enchanted Highway back to Gladstone and I-94, we see Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again, a 51-foot-tall structure built of old well pipes.

Pheasants on the Prarie features a covey of nine birds. The "rooster pheasant," a term I just learned, is 70 feet long and built of chicken wire so the wind can pass through them without knocking them over.

Typical view of the Enchanted Highway - miles and miles of beautiful country separating the sculptures.

Fisherman's Paradise.

Looks like a WindowsXP screensaver.

The old Leech State Bank from 1913, probably just a desk and a vault.

Two hours west on I-94 brings us to North Dakota's Badlands.

A canyon, just outside Medora.

The only National Park in ND.

Teddy Roosevelt's cottage, which has taken a US tour and is now a permanent feature of the park.

Cottonwood tree. There was 'cotton' floating in the air everywhere. It felt like things were crawling all over you.

Inside TR's cottage.