May 27-28, 2007 - Issaquah, WA (day 3-4)

We wake up to some of Washington's state birds, American Goldfinches, eating at the feeders.

We drive downtown.
Charlie enjoys riding in the back with the chicks!

No idea.

In the Seattle Aquarium, Grim shows Charlie fish in the big dome room.

A puffin plays in the water.

Funky bird.

There is a big hands-on section.

You can touch sea stars...

Jill does...

The men-folk do, too.

There are huge hermit crabs.

We're there for the feeding of the Giant Pacific Octopus.

Grim shows Charlie what a testa, I mean, tentacle looks like...

Oooo... the jellyfish section.

Jelly-belly Charlie-fish.

We went to Ivar's for an early dinner. This was the view from our table.

charlie's had a long day.

Meanwhile, the girls are just getting started with some Starbucks and fudge - an afternoon variation on the Seattle staple, coffee and donuts.

A typical Seattle drive.


Amanda and Jill pose for a picture.

The happy family - well, Charlie is sad to see us go...

Man style.

The lovely ladies make a final parting shot.
Great weekend!!!