May 25-26, 2007 - Issaquah, WA (day 1-2)

Silly, maybe, but Amanda is such a great hostess. She made a little toiletry set for us.

The first morning, we head to Snoqualmie Falls to have a decadent breakfast at the Salish Lodge.
This is our 'pot of chocolate,' where our waiter makes the beverage tableside with dark chocolate, whole milk, cream, and an assortment of toppings including white and dark chocolate flakes, whipped cream, marshmallows, etc.
I had a dungeoness crab benedict.

The little bub (a.k.a. Charlie Griffiths) was so good the whole weekend!

He was a handful (literally) and a barrel of laughs.

Cool flowers.

Snoqualmie Falls.

Just driving around, we admire the mountain views.

The local zoo in Issaquah.

Charlie and Jill play with a bronze camel statue.

The two namesake cougars.

Feeding time. They are fed frozen chum to beat the heat.
(It isn't that hot. The weather was actually great!)

Saurus crane.

Hywcinth Macaw (really into vampire movies).

Other macaw...

The lemur chicks hang out and gossip...

...while the big male lounges.

Crowned crane.

Charlie and Jill look at the from a distance.

I just bring things out in animals, I guess...
He gets a little close here.
He actually pecked my camera (and finger).
Now that's a good looking bird.

This nasty thing on the other hand is an butt-ugly emu.

We headed over to a Boehm's chocolate factory.
Crazy little Swiss place.

Bailey hangs out on the couch...

Tomorrow - the Seattle Aquarium and wharfs.