May 20, 2007 - Williamsburg, VA (day 3)

We depart our B&B and walk into Williamsburg to mail a letter.

We were passed by a rider, just going around town to no particular end, I think.

We enjoyed watching the cute lamb playing with its mom.

We go first to old, historic Jamestowne.

Pocahontas guards the entrance to Jamestowne.

Rebuilt fortifications show how the place might have looked.

The only real remnants are of an old church.

Neat church. Many of the tombstones were from the late 1600s.

Near Jamestowne is a 10 mile scenic drive through the woods.
There are several long boardwalk-bridges through marshlands.

Old glass blowers, like the days of yore.

They actually sell their wares in the obligatory giftshop.

We went to the renovated Jamestown, where they had several ships.

Jill poses in near a bunk.

In the hold.

Some of the buildings in Jamesown.

This was it.
When/if we go back, we won't bother with Jamestown. Boring.

Great trip, though. We were both surprised with how much we enjoyed Williamsburg!