April 24, 2007 - Georgia - Georgia Tech Baseball at Turner Field

Took off work around noon on a Tuesday and headed down to Turner Field.

A couple of hours later, some co-workers joined in for a nice tailgate.

As is now tradition, Georgia and Georgia Tech square off three times per season, with one being on 'neutral turf' - Turner Field.

This is a co-worker's son, Justin Earls, freshman starting pitcher for UGA.

We have a good time, kick back a few brews,

watch some baseball. Good times.

Justin strikes out his first three batters.

We start to think about leaving when UGA is up 9-5.
Most of 'we' are the GT fans I went with.

UGA gets another run on our way out. 10-5 at this point turned into 10-7, I think. It's baseball, so the score isn't that important. The important thing is that the nerds lost in front of about 20,000 fans, plus those watching it on tv.