April 14, 2007 - Kelsey's 4th birthday

Jill and I drive up to mom's house and are greeted in the driveway by Bridget and sean.

Carey meets Sean for the first time and gets to hold him.
(He's not sure it is such a good idea...)

An ever-smiley Bill holds a even more unsure Sean.

This is what he is looking for...

Bill had brought over a Carvel ice cream cake for Kelsey.
Sean has his share (on his face).

"Just pour it in, daddy!"

"Wacha slowin' down for?!"

Birthdays mean presents!

Kelsey opens all the cards before the presents, unprompted.

Tired of watching Kelsey, Sean goes for his own toys...

Patentiently opening presents...

A new dress...

Another new dress!

Kelsey and Sean ride horsey-daddy!

"what's thuh matter your lip??"