March 28, 2007 - Meeting Elliot Muse Scheri in Fox Chapel

I was up in Pittsburgh for work. It turned out I was about 3 minutes from Tad and Dedee's place in Fox Chapel.
Tad picked me up at the local UPS store, where I was dropping off a shipment.
The timing was perfect, since he was going flying out the next day (five minutes after me) to visit Randy in L.A.

I forgot my camera. (These pictures are from Tad's camera.) I didn't think of taking pictures when Walter was awake. I was too busy enjoying him - and Dedee - and Elliot - and Tad. I got to enjoy Walter before and during dinner, but then he went to bed.

Tad and Dedee have made such a cozy niche out of their sitting room.

Dedee lounges...
Much deserved. She spent her day off enjoying Walter and Elliot - and preparing a feast for my visit.

Here's the pretty girl.

Elliot smiles for an off-camera mommy.

With Walter in bed, this is the picture I was able to take of the Scheri family.

The close-up...

I count myself very lucky to have gotten to visit Tad and Dedee. Thanks for a fun evening, guys!