March 10, 2007 - Scotland, day 3
Down to Glasgow

Highland cattle.

A gorgeous, long-haired cow stares at me across the field.

You can see the hair over its eyes (like an english sheepdog)....

...but you can't really see how hairy these guys are... They're very cool.

The road west of Glencoe.

Could you imagine if this was the setting for your house?

More typical Highlands.

Snowy Highland mountain.

What are ewe looking at?

Castle Stalker.

Ardamurchen Light, next to Castle Stalker.

One lane bridge.

Mossy forest.

Glenstaffnage Castle, north of Oban.

Glenstaffnage Castle again.

The grounds of Glenstaffnage, looking at the fishing village across the river.

Finally in Glasgow, this is the 'Mary Poppins goes to hell' view from our room.

A final glimpse of Scotland.

A couple of castles from 10,000 feet.

Over North America (probably Nunavut or Labrador, but we really didn't know).
See that line? You could really see it more in person.

We think that was the line where frozen ocean meets the snow-covered land. The dark spots to the right of the line are breaks in ice, showing water. The dark spots on the left are mountains. The line was very striking, though.

It was a short trip, but very cool. We're definitely going back when we don't have to worry about time or money. Scotland is beautiful, but expensive. You really need more than a week there. We DO plan to go back, though.