January 27, 2007 - Meeting Eva Pearce and Owen Beasley and a Gymdogs meet

Our normal route towards Deaton's Crossing and Athens takes us over Buford Dam.

Jill finally meets Eva.

Eva's close-up.

Jill really enjoys Eva.

She's precious!
(Sorry, no pictures of the parents, grandparents, or me...)

After meeting Eva, we head to the Brad and Erin Beasley's place and meet Owen.
He's drooly - like pop.

He's a cute, wet little guy.

We went to the GymDogs meet afterwards.
It was "think pink" night, supporting breast cancer research.

Both teams, the #1 Gators and #2 GymDogs forego their team colors and wear pink and black. Very admirable.

It was a close match from the start...
With great athleticism on display, both teams went for the win.

Actually, it was a tie. The top 2 teams tied - the first tie Jill or I had witnessed.
Very cool day...