January 6, 2007 - Radiant's Annual Party

The afternoon of the Radiant annual party, Jill and I head to IKEA, then to our room at the Twelve Hotel in Atlantic Station.

We chill for a while with a little Chardonnay and watch...

...as the city lights greet the growing dusk.

We're on a patio much like the ones pictured.

Art Curtis attempts to lick Lynn Croix (doesn't work here - just sorta crashed the party) as she puts her ammo belt on our V.P. of Central Marketing.
(It was a James Bond/2007 themed party, you see... Well, there's always a pre-party in Art's room, which makes for a fun party...)

Mr. Curtis cuts a rug.

Deniz, Christi, and Art dancin'.

Art walks a dangerous line, dancing with the director of HR.

Jill finds a very active dance partner.

You're a fine woman, won't you back that thing up!
(Yes, Art actually danced with his wife some...)

Not sure who this was - but clearly she didn't want us to have all the fun, but also didn't want people to know who she was...

C-Lo(?), Art, Jill, and Lynn.

C-Lo enjoys the show as Jill motorboats Lynn.
(I had already done so much earlier in the evening.)

The table-cloth cape sounded like a good idea.

The Predator checks out Lynn, me, and Tracey Curtis.

The view from Art's room, scene of the post-party.

A rare, if blurry, picture of Jimmy Park too hungover to make a face.