The National Museum, at the top of [good king] Wenceslas Square.

We should be proud of this... an American artist decided to put toilets and sinks on curved poles in Wenceslas square.
Pretty good argument against government funding of the arts - if we take away their $, the go produce crap (ahem) in other contries!

More art - but this is at least plausible.

Old Town Square it striking, to say the least.
The next few pictures (and the first black and white on the next page) were all taken without moving my feet.




Jill on the Charles Bridge.

Walking up to Prague Castle, Jill spots something our friends have been dreaming of doing for years!

Castle guard.

The Cathedral of St. Vitus.

The Golden Lane - an area where the original castle snipers lived, later saw its apartments rented to civilians.

Franz Kafka lived in the blue house and wrote some of his works there.

A torture chamber in Prague Castle.

Prague and "the Palace Gardens be the Castle."

In the gardens is an aviary with 5 large owls.

The gardens have a cool view of the Castle.

Walking back towards Old Town, we found an interesting fountain. The fountan's hips move right and left - and the 'spouts' move up and down slowly.

Notice the trajectory of the right fountain has changed.
(This must be new - or mom would have taken us to it 12 years ago.)

A channel of the vltava river, under the castle-side of the Charles Bridge.

Crowded, as always.

Jill h ad to take a picture of me to prove I was actually here.

Lots of people walk back and forth acorss the bridge.

We make it to the Astronimical Clock in time to watch it at 4pm.

(I don't know how to read it.)

At 4:00m the skeleton rings his bell as the 12 apostles parade by the windows. Then, the main tower bell rings sixteen times (for 16:00) and it is all over.