December 30, 2006 - Christmas on the Rhine, Day 8 (Amsterdam)

From Nijmegen, we head up the Rhine-Amsterdam channel trough Holland.

We played cards in the lounge as we passed the countryside dotted with sheep and windmills.

Countless windmills - just none were terribly close to the channel.

Finally in Amsterdam, we take a canal tour through "Venice of the North."
We finally get a view of our boat from the water.

The nondescript place to the left of the line of people (behind the tree) is the office/warehouse where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis.

A residential district.

From here, you can see seven bridges.

I count six, but it wasn't a clear day.

Bridges everywhere!

Many people actually live in boats (both dinky and nice) on the canals.

The steeple of a protestant church.

Jill and Carey pose in front of what appeared to be crooked bar in person.
It looks level here...

Looking at the main square across a canal.

A busy street full of regular shops and "head shops."

The main square.

It isn't Amserdam without checking out a flower vendor on the street.

The neon on the left is a Bulldog coffee shop.

It also isn't Amsterdam if you don't walk through the Red Light district.
(No bad pictures. No need to hide anyone's eyes...)

Check how slanted the building in the center is!

Back at the boat for dinner, Wayne and Caroline dine at the captain's table.

Central Station.

We bid Amsterdam good night and head to the ship.

This is actually early the next morning. We head to the airport at 6-something on New Year's Eve.

One last look at the boat and we start our long trip home.
What a cool vacation! Jill and I were so tired that we were both asleep during the Miami-Nevada football game by 10:30pm. No Dick Clark for us... just Mr. Sandman.

Well, that was the end of 2006. What a year.
I hope you had a great 2006, too - and I hope you have a great new year!