December 28, 2006 - Christmas on the Rhine, Day 6

We wake up on the 6th day in Düsseldorf.

Cool church... but check out the spire.

The church spire is twisted... They built it with wet wood. It warped in its first year...

A little snack downtown provided the smelliest meal of the trip.

The cheese was like bad limburger. It got on your hands and wouldn't go away... Terrible! Carey and Jill on the main shopping street in Düsseldorf.

Random almost mission-style church downtown.

Cool building off the main square in Düsseldorf.

Ben and Eulalia pose at the large Christmas tree in the main square.

Bill and Carey do, too.

We have to stop at a bar and have Düsseldorf's traditional beer - alt.

As we walk back from the bar, the bells on this house played Christmas carols.

The main square looks really cool at night.

More festive lights.

One last walk through downtown before we head back to the boat.

Tomorrow - Nijmegen, Netherlands.