December 27, 2006 - Christmas on the Rhine, Day 5

The back side of the Dom in Cologne (walking up from the Rhine).

Behind the Dom is a to-scale model of Michaelangelo's David.
The paint-job is quite... um... interesting.

Arian-David's back-side.

Looking up at the gothic Dom.

In the square downtown we find some sidewalk-art - notably a picture of Mozart.

In front of Früh (more to come on that later) is the statue of the elves of Cologne, being discovered by a nosey lady.

City Hall.

Inside Saint Martin's Cathedral.

The later inside the Dom.

In the Dom, they have "the skeletons of the three wise men."

Well, they may have the bones of dead prisoners from the 12th century, but they sure do have a really pretty box to keep them in.
Doesn't this responsible use of money and gold really make you want to give money to the Catholic church?

The Dom really is awe inspiring.
If nothing else, it brings people to downtown Cologne.

We stayed in town for lunch and went to Jill's favorite beer hall, Frülh.
(Remember, Jill worked in Cologne for two weeks back in
January 2006.)
We sit around and have a few kölshes, the traditional beer of Cologne.
Notice they are small glasses, but they keep refilling them if you don't put your coaster on top.

Ahh... the meat plate arrives.
a frankfurter...
a bratwurst...
...all on top of sauerkraut.
Soooo good!

Soooo gone!

Later, we head out to a different couple of bars.
At the second bar, we pause for for 'a meter of beer.'

Tomorrow - Düsseldorf