December 25, 2006 - Christmas on the Rhine, Day 3

We see a little more of Frankfurt before setting out for our next stop...
This is Jason Rhoades' idea of a cool subway entrance...

Random church as we sail down (well, north, but downstream) the Main to the Rhine river.

We don our lifejackets during the obligatory mustering, but don't stop playing cards...

We pass some really quaint towns on the way.

The crew put on a trivia contest. We win a bottle of apple wine.

We toast, of course, but it is dreadfully terrible stuff.

Bill and Carey at Christmas dinner.

We're in Mainz - and have to go out to check out the town.

Cool church.

Apparently, in this neighborhood, you shouldn't play soccer with a kid in the street next to a house if a car is coming.

Also, in case of fire, use one of your government-issued 99 red balloons.
Of course, we'd had a few beers (or in Ben's case, some Jager) before we saw these signs. You just don't see stuff like this otherwise...

Tomorrow we see Mainz in the daylight, then have a gorgeous trip past castles and villages towards Cologne.