December 23-24, 2006 - Christmas on the Rhine, Day 2 (Frankfurt)

Through old town, we walk to the big cathedral.

Oddly, next to it are some ancient Roman ruins.

This Cathedral was started in the 9th century, but was added on to its current glory in the 20th century - and finished in 1994.

It's no Notre Dame, but the inside is pretty cool.

Snazzy pipes.

Another view of the cathedral.

Paul, Eulalia, and Jill in Frankfurt at dusk.

The nearly-constant cloud and fog cover made for some interesting twilights.

The view of the bridge we walked over earlier.

Dinner on the River Melody...

The view from our dinner table.

Now that it is evening and we put the adults to bed, Eulalia, Ben, Jill, and I went out for a few beers.

Again, these are new buildings, but they are so quaint, they had to be our first stop!

Even the girls had a beer.

This bar - the last of the evening - was an original. It survived the allied bombings and dates back to the 1600s.

One last evening view of Frankfurt.

Tomorrow we see a little more of Frankfurt in the morning, then head to Mainz.