December 23-24, 2006 - Christmas on the Rhine, Day 1-2

On Dec. 23, Bill and Carey picked us up...
Bill's "Bat-mobile" was loaded with baggage!

Mom, Jill, and I got upgraded on the flight over to Frankfurt. (Mom enjoys a sundae with hot caramel and fudge.)

Though we spent the night on the plane, Dec. 23-24 felt like one long day...
We're finally to the boat and our cabin. Though small, the River Melody is exceptionally laid-out. It is more efficient with space than the larger Princess and Norwegian boats.

We drop our stuff, shower, and head out to walk along the Main river (pronounced "mine") to see Frankfurt.

This is the old town square.

They look old, but the allies flattened this section of Frankfurt. These buildings are actually quite new.

The old and new:
The centuries old protestant church stands proudly in contrast to the modern bank building.

Our boat (the far one) docks along the Main with the Frankfurt Cathedral in the background.

They like to call it "Main-hattan" (the obvious play on New York's skyline), since they think they have lots of tall buildings here.
Almost sad.

Cool river, though!

Back in the old town square.

Jill and I get into the Christmas Eve spirit.

Later - more Frankfurt.