December 17, 2006 - Taking Conner to Georgia Aquarium

Bill and Carey picked up Conner (literally) and met me and Jill at the Varsity.

The "Con-Man" can NEVER just sit stillfor a picture.
(Check out Carey, in stitches.)

"Mom and dad love crab legs..."

Conner spent some of his energy running around the playground.
(It turned out that he had PLENTY more energy behind that.)

Jill and her favorite aquarium resident - the green sea turtle.

We loved the nettles.

Conner shows his concentration on his face.
(...of course I mean the tongue.)

Ralph swimming over Carey's carrot-top.

One of the whale sharks with a fishy enterouge (and a giant grouper in the foreground).

Jill tells Conner all about how UPS transported the whale sharks from Taiwan.
(All he got was that Jill carried them over.)

Almost home free, but there was one last thing - gift shop bonanza!

Conner and Bill pose by Deepo.

After the aquarium, Amy and Bill invited us over for dinner. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

Jill gets some quality Molly-time.

Molly's room.

Amy is so good at creatively thinking up warm room-designs - and Bill has the skills to make it happen.

Conner has his own tree with bubble-lights.

The play-room.

Jill gets to feed Molly.
Fun day.