December 12, 2006 - Christmas in Vero, part II

Jill holds Sean Patrick on his first Mulcay "non-Christmas Day."

We go out for Christmas seafood.
Well, when in Florida...

Sean's not sure what to make of something.
I'm not sure what exactly the problem is...

Kelsey's so beautiful.

Later at night, we drive to Palm City and go to their snow festival.
Pictured, Kelsey makes an ornament - a tree and a kabuttload of glitter.

Moving on to other 'crafts,' Kelsey makes he own pixie stick (actually, she chose bottle-form instead of straw-form).

Jill shows off Kelsey, who shows off her crafts.

I hang out with Sean for a while...

After waiting in line for about an hour, we finally get our turn to go throw some snowballs, from snow trucked-in from North Carolina.

After seeing how much fun dad is having, Kelsey dives in to make snowballs.

Action shot.

Kelsey going after daddy.

Daddy giving Kelsey ammo to come after me!

We made up afterwards. We did another craft - making "reindeer food."

F.K.A. glitter and oatmeal, Kelsey is to sprinkle the "reindeer food" in her yard Christmas Eve so the sleigh-drawing deer can find her house and have something to do whilst Santa loads up Kelsey's and Sean's stocking.

Jill holds Sean.

(I couldn't choose between the pictures.)

Sean and his grandma.

A tired Sean and his aunt and uncle.

Kelsey having fun on her Uncle Scott.

Nice grip on the jugular, there, Kelsey!

After the snow festival, we went to Firehouse Subs.
We went outside to watch the shuttle launch, but couldn't see it for the clouds south of Canaveral.
That's about it. Great trip!
We went home the next day after a nice breakfast and of course some card-playin'.