December 12, 2006 - Christmas in Vero, part I

Well first, after they picked us up at the airport, we went to visit one of my clients' sites - a RaceTrac with a special "Barista" coffee counter.

The next morning, I bounce Kelsey on my shoulders.

Such cute kids!

Kelsey pulls out a PlayDough candy cane.

Diggin' in for more...

Kelsey gets "Hello Hairy Dawg!"

Sean and his Christmas Weebles.

Jill pulls out what she's been hoping for for 11.9 months - a 3-month supply of Russian Tea.

Jill and her mini-knives.

I got a convection-powered angel dingy thing that I used to love as a kid!

Briget and her stocking.
The Ultra Silicone thing in the bottom left corner isn't what you think...

But this is!!
Signed in three places for Brendan, from the non-airbrushed version of the girl who signed it for me in Vegas. (It was a work trip...)

Two-person serving of hot cocoa with toffee and marshmellows.

Surprise! Mom gets math puzzles.

Kelsey holds up a new shirt to size it up.

Christmas, 30 minutes after...

Kelsey goes for the big box!

Kelsey dives into something as a still-clothed Sean plays with whatever it is that spins and makes pretty lights.

2 minutes later, naked-Sean puts balls up for his mom to hammer in.

Red ball is tasty.

Tired of red ball. Putting it up for mom...

PlayDough time!

Aunt Jill is having more fun than Kelsey, I think...