December 2, 2006 - Jason's Birthday

Jason wanted to go to the Cyclorama for his birthday. Rich wanted to make it memorable by making him wear an antebellum dress.

And Rich and I couldn't make him dress up alone...

The gray and the blue meet again to vie for the love of the fair Scarlett.

Inside the theater, we watch the video then go into the Cyclorama.


Just an ordinary weekend afternoon for Rich.

Evan wants some action. Steven Averett is no longer comfortable with his seating selection.

With no mint julep, Scarlett makes due with a Bass.

...then graduates to an authentic Versper martini, made by Ian Flemming's recipe.

Then off to Cabbage Town for drinks and dinner.

Jason, always a good sport, still wears the dress.
I hope hd had a great birthday.