November 25, 2006 - Good Ole Fashioned Hate

The early morning sun shines on Lake Lanier as we head for Buford Dam.
A beatiful day to beat down some nerds.

The fog is beautiful on the lower bank of the dam.
A beatiful day to beat down some nerds.

We experimented by infusing turkey burgers with blueberries and flax seed.
A wonderful meal before beating down some nerds.

Anna, Jill, and Scott playing horseshoes.
A good game to play before beating down some nerds.

Look at that follow-through!
The prefect form before beating down some nerds.

A beatiful gameday to beat down some nerds.

An Air Force fly-by before the game, with the Redcoat seniors playing [b-flat] Glory. ...the perfect song for, well, you get it.

Two C-130 Hucules.

OK, so I was nervous through most of the game.
I mean, we all figure Reggie would find a way to blow it, but it just took him until the 3rd quarter to make the first big mistake and all the way until the 58th minute to make the final one.

The Cheerleaders make a wall for one last picture in Sanford Stadium.

Ginger, [me], Jill, and Carey pose at the end of the game as the Redcoats play.

OK, so UGA fans aren't known for their spellgn.

That's better...

Nice sign.
Reggie went 45-104 lifetime against the Dawgs for 1 touchdown and 5 interceptions.
It took me a long time, but
using Wikipedia , I found his lifetime passer rating against UGA to be 51.36218 (out of a possible 158.3).