November 24, 2006 - Stone Mountain Christmas

Jill and I picked up Bill and Carey and headed to Stone Mountain for a picnic with Donna and the girls.

Cool setting for a picnic by the lake.

It was after prime leaf season, but some trees were still pretty.

Squirrel eating Fritos.

Different squirrel eating Fritos.

Jill and I pose at the Stone Mountain Covered Bridge, which was moved from Athens in 1965.

Jennifer, Paige, Kathryn, and Hannah at Crossroads Village, where we met Ben and Eulalia.

Stone Mountain painted one of their famous steam locomotives for the holiday season.

The conductor cleans his windshield.

Hannah's a cutie.

Jennifer and Kathrine smile as they wait for the train.

Our train finally arrives.

On the train, we stop at the village and hear the story of "the Gift."

Then, we see the lighted representation of the 12 days of Christmas.

After the train ride, we head across the tracks and roast some marshmellows and make s'mores.

After the laser show, Eulalia, Bill, and Donna plan our next move.

Crossroads Village all lit up.

Paige takes a Hannah ride.

Kathren and Jennifer pose on the mini-stage.
(Yes, I don't know how to spell her name, so I'm going to keep spelling it differently.)

Jill and Eulalia brave the cold.

More of the lights of Crossroads Village.

The mill, irrigation, and water tower of Stone Mountain's Christmas.

The Coke tree.

The Snow Angel bores us with some sappy story...

...but she brought snow to Stone Mountain.

The girls pose for a picture in the snow.

Jill and I get snowed upon.

Bill and Carey pose with the Snow Angel still standing there, being totally ignored by hundreds of people.

Cool evening.