November 11-12, 2006 - Colorado Springs, part 3

We left the game at the half and headed along the Rockies up to Denver.
We had a little vino in the room and went to Vesta, a dipping grill.

Apparently, you shouldn't ride your bike on wet train tracks.

As we walk the mile back to the hotel, the streets steam angrily. They want us to stay out.

We went out to breakfast the next morning at the LoDo restaurant, the Bump and Grind Cafe.

Our waitress was a 6'2" man with tatoos and dreadlocks.

Oh - and high heels and a mini-skirt.

The bus boy has a nice kimono.
The hostess has a little crotch-level meshy 'window' the circumference of her dress.
In all actuality, it was a GREAT breakfast - one of the best ever. We'll definatley go back!

The Colorado Capitol.

One last thing before the airport - the Denver Botanical Gardens.

The huge garden areas outside were pretty dormant, but the tropical house was beautiful.

We saw the new Mile High Stadium.

At the airport it finally starts to snow.
What a great trip!