November 11, 2006 - Colorado Springs

Heading west from Colorado Springs, we go to some native American cliff dwellings.

Jill poses on the balcony...

Believe it or not, this house dates back to the early 1800s.

Heading a little further west, we take Pikes Peak Highway to see the Rockies.

They're perfectly normal out here.

After about 7 miles, we run out of asphalt.

The insane wind was blowing the powder up the mountain.

A nearby, craggy peak.

The Glen Cove Inn, 11,300+ feet up.

The blowing snow cascaded down like an avalanche.


Heading back down the mountain.

Here's a bristlecon pine for a little perspective.

Mirror Lake (reservoir)

The road back down.

A frozen lake at the base of the mountain.

Heading north towards part IV of the day (the game), we hit Garden of the Gods.

The back entrance takes you on a single lane through wind-eroded boulders.


Colorado's red rock country... reminiscent of Sedona...

...or the badlands.

Don't forget them Rockies.