October 23, 2006 - Calgary Trip #10

In what may prove to be my last trip to Calgary (or at least for this project), I enjoyed the scenery.

The flight from SLC to YYC follows the Rockies from Alta to Banff.
(That can make it kinda rough sometimes, so pee before you board. You may not get up.)

Darn glare! Ruined my shot of downtown Calgary, "the Heart of the New West."
(Sounds like a pickup truck slogan.)

The Bow River winds across Alberta and adds a scenic touch (and a few cool island parks) to Calgary.

Shell Centre is in there somewhere - so is Petro-Canada Center, a Chevron building, Husky HQ, a BP skyscraper, and just about every other major oil you can think of.

Heading into town.

Bus to Garry/Alli's place (#24 to Ogden, which comes just about every 57 minutes it seems...) goes past a statue that reminds me of Linda Hamilton's nightmares at the beginning of Terminator 2 (dreaming of children playing in the park when a nuclear blast turns them into ashes before the wind blows them away...). Sick. I know. But these statues are freaky!

RJ wears pajamas that Jill would be jealous of.

She's a pretty girl.

My Calgary women.
I had TWO hot dates that night!

UPS truck illegally parked on a curb. I thought Jill might like a desktop with a UPS truck and Alberta plate.
(Add that to
the shot from Hungary and one I didn't post from Quito.)