October 22, 2006 - Cofer Autumn Reunion

Jill and I wake up in Athens, have an awesome breakfast at the Mayflower, then hit the road.

Flowers in the median on highway 441 north towards commerce.

Random fall-colored mountain.

GA Hwy 11 towards Blairsville.

Foliage, baby!

A Canada goose at Vogle State Park reminds me of my soon-to-be-former home away from home.

Conner is a little unsure of the testy fowl.

Conner has been excited about playing putt-putt for weeks leading up to our autumn reunion.

The lake at Vogle.

Some of the Cofer women dote on the newest addition - Amy and Bill's beautiful Molly McGuire.
Molly, Donna, Carey, and Jackie.

More hens gather.
Clockwise from top: Stacey, Carey, Amy, Molly, Donna, and Jackie.

Carey and I pose with out picnic garb.

The road home...
Fun day!