October 20-21, 2006 - Weekend in Athens

Mo and Garry meet at the hotel before Jill and I get there to introduce them.
By the time we get to dinner, they're such fast friends, our waitress thinks they're a couple.

Pretty soon, Mo's changing into a shirt Garry got for having such a large bar tab at the last place...

Cooler in the t-shirt, Mo dances with Jill on the platform along the wall at the Loft (formerly Armadillo, formerly Lowery's).

Garry dances with Mo - as I can no longer hold the camera straight (sorry, Jill's eyes).

Garry sings along... to what - I have no idea.

2:30am local - Garry drunken dials home.

Evil. Sunrise.

We wake up, start drinking (with a traveling bag o' cosmopolitans), and head to the Dawg Walk.
What a beautiful day!

The flags always start the procession.

Hairy Dawg makes his way through the crowd.

The unmistakable carrot top of Joe Cox.

Nice gathering - especially for the Mississippi State game.

Loren Smith is on the radio under the bridge.

Uga VI looks a little tired of pictures.

That's until Mo and Jill come by.
Uga licks Jill's elbow.
(I wonder if she spilled a little cosmo on her arm...)

The ladies want their picture taken with some freaks...

Just before kickoff, we head away from the bridge to go get a refill..

Halftime. (Dawgs up 21-7.)

The cemetary with a view - just outside Sanford Stadium.

Final score. Dawgs 27, Dogs 24.



From the stadium to our normal tailgating spot to visit Chris and Lee at the SPACenter. Then for a nap.
We close down Utage for dinner, then off to the Georgia Theater for a show and to the 40-watt for another.
We close down 283, then wash down some late burgers and griller cheeses with chocolate malts at the Grill.
What a weekend. It'll take a while to recover - but TOTALLY worth it!