October 14, 2006 - Homecoming 2006

After an early morning practice, we head over to the bridge to watch the band and the Dawg Walk.

Thousands of people used to watch this, even before the Dawg Walk.

The Redcoats march into the stadium.


Warm-up time.

Everyone loves the alumni cheerleaders!

Some love them too much.
Actually, I was talking to this old guy. When he asked what I played and I said tuba, he replied "Wow, you play the tuba? I always wanted to kiss a female tuba player. Thier lips must be amazing."
... SOOOO, a little innebriated, I mention this to Heather, who pictured a little peck on the cheek or something.

At least she was a good sport about it.
I wonder if he'll look for her the next year (or tell me "Wow, you play the tuba? I always wanted to...")

So, we HAVE to get up on the platform with them!

Its Katie and, 'hey, are you still the oldest one here?'
(We heard a guy ask her this while practicing. With that kind of tact, you'd think he went to Tech.)

Kevin honkin' away.

I'm a honky, too. I mean...
I'm honking, too.

Ooo... straight lines.

Ta daa!

"In the upper deck, southwest corner is today's alumni Battle Hymn soloist..."

We sit somewhere up there.

Mandy hangs out as we wait...

Kevin and I always seem to have a good spot for when the team takes the field.

Well, we thought we'd score here. Alas, we did not.

Sad score. Sad end to an otherwise pretty good day.