October 7, 2006 - Tennessee (Nicolas' tailgate)

We get to Athens pretty early. Becky and Martin bring over his roomate's English bulldog, from the line of Uga I.

He's the most popular guy at the tailgate, by far.

Actually passers by stop for a photo op.

What a good lookin' fellow.

Jill and I have to get a picture, too.

The Jones and Donalsons hang out in the shade - close to the food...

Nicolas asks Evan to pull his finger.

Kevin tells Anna and Scott what the police officer made him do.

Another shot of the fare.

Pregame was cool - three parachuters landed in the stadium, carrying flags and trailing smoke.
ACtually, the first three quarters of the game were great and close, but Tennessee blew us out at the end.
Very sad.