September 23, 2006 - Colorado in Athens

Ralphie made the 1,500 mile trip to Athens for the Georgia-Colorado game.

This is the 4th Ralphie - strangely a 900lb girl, donated to the university as a baby by Ted Turner.
Males get to 2500lb.
Remember these guys? (click on me)

For pregame and at halftime, she ran onto the field...

...led by four handlers holding chains...

...and a fifth guy just there to pick up any stray patties...

...clear to the other side (note the handlers waving their hats to the Colorado fans)...

... then back.

At halftime, she went straight into her trailer and home.

Just a few seconds of field-time, but she was amazing to watch.

Oh - we won the game - just barely.

14-13 on a last minute touchdown, sealed by an interception with seconds to go.

The tailgate afterwards was leisurely. Most of the talk being about how long the season is going to be - and Colorado being the best 0-4 team in the nation.

Next home game - Tennessee.