September 1-2, 2006 - Ecuador, Day 10 (afternoon) - Day 11

As the second (and last) dinghy of 8 passengers arrives at shore, we watch a family of sea lions lounge on the benches of the 'bus stop.'

We get on one of the national park busses to take us to the airport - and notice a medium ground finch on board.
(The term 'medium' means the size of the beak relative to the head. 'Small' would be more like the American goldfinch's beak. 'Large' would be a beak that looks taller than the bird's head.)

He's ready for his close-up...

Back at Baltra's airport, we board our flight back through Guyaquil to Quito.

Our last glimpse of the Galapagos.

The three Ayers are tired.

In Quito, we have a short rest (basically a shower and dinner), but don't spend the night...
Our flight that night goes through Guyaquil (again, again) back to Atlanta.

After a long night of travel, we're back in Georgia, heading towards Athens on Highway 78.

Stone Mountain rises in the overcast distance.

After showering and breakfasting at Jill's grandmother's house in Watkinsville (thanks grandmother!), we make it to the parking deck - and have a drink...

Ahhh... between the hedges for the season opener against Western Kentucky University.

Our Dawgs are pumped up...

The Redcoat marching band fors the Arch, hallowed seal of the University of Georgia and the state.

A new formation - the "G."

No wind on the hot day (not as hot as the jungle - but hot nonetheless), but the 2005 SEC Championship flag hangs proudy on its pole.

The Hilltoppers take the field with a little pep in their step...

...but it doesn't last long. We beat them down pretty handily.

Tomorrow - well, we'll finally be home...
What a trip!
We have to go back! Not necessarily to Quito - and definitely the jungle (for a while, at least), but we HAVE to go back to the Galapagos!!!