September 1, 2006 - Ecuador, Day 10 (morning)

We wake early off North Seymour Island to have a pre-breakfast walk.

With the Tip Top IV anchored offshore for one last dinghy ride to a new island.

A female great frigate bird welcomes us with a fly-by.

The gnarly scenery is painted with a single blue-footed booby.

Oh, there you go!
A male magnificent frigate bird (the oil on the feathers are a little more blue-purple than green) buzzes us with his scarlet air sack hanging out.

Cutie baby sea lion thinks I'm mommy.

Two male frigate birds hang out by a adolescent in a nest (to the right).

Galapagos pillow.

What's this guy all celebrating about??

Oh... While he gets it on, a voyeur comes to check out the action.

Another adolescent frigate bird.

Me with two boobies in the background.

A big male sea lion bellows and hold his ground on our path.
(We walk WAY around him.)

A couple of frigate birds hang out.

Now that's a strange bird...
(He's still getting it on with the young white-head watching.)

"Can I get a minute, here??"

A smooth-billed ani - a bird that isn't supposed to be on North Seymour.

No zoom. A blue-footed booby sits on a rock as we walk inches from it.
There is just no fear from these animals. Awesome!

Do you see it?
It is a species of land igana unique to the Galapagos.

There it is!

A pelican stands guard on N. Seymour...

After a clumsy launch, the pelican takes to the air.
That's it for the touring. We're a LONG way from home (longer than you'd think), but that's it for the vacation part...

Later - the voyage home...