August 30, 2006 - Ecuador, Day 8 (morning)

nice booby preening its... boobies...

Inside a sea cave, where sea lions are hanging out...

They're all around our zodiac!

The water is gorgeous, even if the land behind it is kinda gnarly.

A brown pelican hangs out on the rocks watching the sea lions play.

Swallow-tailed gull

A naked booby (a.k.a. "nazca booby")

He's sleeping.
(They sleep with their heads turned around and on their backs.)

Two magnificent frigate birds. The right is a juvenile (based on its white head). Not sure about the left.

Man, they poo a lot!

The other dinghy heading towards the lighthouse on Espanola.

Galapagos pillow.

A 'beach-master' checks out his visitors.

A hungry pup finds lunch.

That's the life...

They let you get as close as you want, though you're not supposed to get closer than about 6 feet.

Mom poses with the sea lions and gorgeous water for a backdrop.



Where aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrre yooooooooouuuuuuuu????

Pick up your feet!

Later - the unique birds...