August 28, 2006 - Ecuador, Day 6 (morning/day)

The last morning in the Amazon. (We survived.)

Out parting view of that little village-let beside the lodge, as the canoe takes us downstream to catch our plane back to Quito.

Some mountain in the distance.

A family bathing, doing laundry, and panning for gold along the riverbank.

A rig towers over the rich land.

Toucan by where the canoe dropped us off in Coca.

Squirrel monkey in Coca.

Nice. This is our ride back to the airport.

Downtown Coca.

Parting shot of the Amazon rainforest.

The view coming into Quito.

Quito's airport.

Had to take the picture.

Ah - lunch. Cuy (guinea pig).
You can clearly make out the feet - but that little fried nugget on the left - that is the de-skulled head. (No worries, they left me the teeth.)

Later in the day, we will have an awesome overlook of Quito.