August 26, 2006 - Ecuador, Day 4

The first morning, we head to an island in the river for some bird watching.

Two yellow orioles hang out on a twig.

Some of the flora around the lodge.

Scary turkey. (Actually, it is a 'guan' that ocassionally hung out and slept in the tree outside our room.)

Another resident of the lodge - an Amazon green parrot.

The closest civilization - a market that opens each Saturday morning.

Mmm... hanging meats. Tasty.

The local pool hall.

Cockfighting 'arena.'

Mom and I pose in front of the market.

We took a canoe downstream to a nice, big path through the jungle.



Cool canopy.
Soon, we realize we're walking into someone's back yard.

Cacao pods.

Our jungle guide, Hector, passes out cacao beans from a pod he cut open. Yes, it was from someone's back yard...

Lady finger bananas.


crab claws.

(Just kidding; it just looks like it.)

swallow-tailed kites.

Behind a few houses, we found a school house.

Being summer, the kids were out.
(Other room in the school.)

Naked-neck chickens. Freaky.


Wild coffee beans.

Wild ginger.


Plantain fisherman.

Back to Yachana for lunch, we stop by the butterfly house - an extension of their school.

Hector Owl's head butterfly.

Other butterfly.

Other butterfly.

We walk down another trail towards the home of a local medicine man.
Aunt Caroline traverses the bamboo bridge.

Mom does the same.
Whoa. Scary.

The shaman blows smoke all over the Ayers as a part of their cleansing ceremony.

This is not our place, but it may as well be. The banks of the river all look like this.

Jungle sunset.