August 25, 2006 - Ecuador, Day 3

The second morning, we wake up in Quito and go to a nearby special-ed music school for a concert.

The dancing wasn't all that great, but the music wasn't all that bad.

Jill danced with one of the percussionists.

Our Icara flight from Quito to Coca.

The official name of the airport (and the city), though no one calls is Francisco de Orellana' everyone calls it coca.

"Downtown" Coca.

Our chariot - an Ecuadorian bus.

A crashed plane makes a nice discoteque.


Squirrel monkey

...(s) - fighting.

Heading up the Napo river, a major tributary to the Amazon, to our home for the next 3 nights.

Some of the flowers on the property of the Yachana Lodge (emphasis on the Yachana, not the lodge).
The lodge is where we stayed. It is a school, started by an American oil exec, ex-pat, in the middle of the jungle. The small 'lodge' is run to support the school.

Do you see that - right in the center of the shot?

It is a pygmy marmoset - the smallest primate - and a 'new world monkey' which has a prehensile tail.

Bullet ants. Huge insects, when they bite you, it supposedly feels like you get shot.

We were told this was a poison dart frog, but I can't find the color-match anywhere online.
If it is, it is the most poisonous animal in the world - and death if you lick it (or handle it with an open sore).

The path we walk into the jungle.


Sunset in the Amazon rainforest.