August 18-20, 2006 - Beth Cherry's Wedding

We left after work Friday - me, Jill, Art, and Tracy - and headed up to Art's mom's house on Lake Hartwell.
After drinking and playing some cards, this was our late-night, innebriated golf-cart ride through the back yard down to the lake.

...and this would be the lake. With a new moon, it was pretty darn dark.

The ride back up to the house, as we apparently drove through a bush.

The next morning found Art cooking breakfast before our early drive to the wedding site.

UNC campus.

What self-respecting fireman would seriously ride in that?

Nice campus, though.

Tracy walks back to Top of the Hill, the brewpub overlooking campus where we passed some pre-wedding afternoon time.

Now, you can make fun of me for drinking out of this koozie, but 1) it kept the beer cold and 2) Art made it.

Now at the wedding, Art and I have to whiz.
(Actually, we tried to sneak out to do just that, but ran into the bride getting ready to go on early, so we ran back to our seats...)

The guys - Sam (thr groom) and a bunch of people I don't know.

Here comes the Beth!

Seriously, like one of the happiest brides I've ever seen.

yadda, yadda, yadda

wedding-stuff, wedding-stuff, wedding-stuff

the retreat

Alright, Jodie Park and Tracy Curtis get serenaded by the band.

Beth and Sam have their first dance.


The ladies - Tracy, Jodie, Beth, Jill, and Melissa Floyd.

Art, Jimmy, Beth, Ernie Floyd (my boss), and me.

Art and Tracy - always having a good time.

The Floyds were all over the dancefloor - what a trooper!

They even get the serenade.

Rose petals at the grand exit.

After-party (sans happy couple) at a popular UNC hangout...

Yup, that's the name... "He's Not Here"

"Top of the Hill," where we overlooked campus that afternoon.

No southern roadtrip would be complete without a picture of a water tower in the form of a golfball or peach. If it's a peach, you must be in Georgia.