July 27, 2006 - Calgary Folk Fest

Calgary skyline from the island.

Walking back over the Bow River to Prince's Island Park.

Entering Calgary Folk Fest...

This time I traveled with Todd, seen here lounging in the beer garden with a Grasshopper, under the trees of the park.

Oh - and there was music...

Good music, actually.
Broken Social Scene (I had to go back and look them up) are a troop of 11 members - pictured are 1 drummer, 2 fiddles, 3 guitars, 4 horns, a roadie, and another guy that I can't figure out what he's doing...
(Looks like he's trying to get is hair out of the strings of the far-right guitar.)

When I got back to my room, I took a shot of Eau Claire - and Prince's Island Park just behind it on the left.