June 17, 2006 - Ben and Eulalia's house
Photos and captions courtesy of Aunt Caroline.

I finally remembered today to take my camera when we went to Eulalia and Ben's house...
Two of the pictures [the first two] are from Hwy 102 (their address is on this road).

The person who previously owned the house and remodeled, intended for the front to be on Ayden Golf Club Rd. so didn't bother to replace the porch when he enclosed the old porch to increase the size of the living room. That's the reason for the wooden (temporary) steps. E&B plan to put a stoop or porch there when they have time.
The house was remodeled inside, walls moved, new fixtures, windows, doors, etc. The exterior looks like almost everything else in Pitt Country that was built about that time, but the inside is really quite modern and very nice.

...the pictures of Ben's storage building will explain why they were so excited to find this place.
....The workshop is about 30 x 30 ft. and has a workbench, storage, etc.

From the two pictures (taken from opposite sides of the building) you can see that it has a garage door on each end.

Congrats, guys! Jill and I can't wait to see it in person!