June 17, 2006 - Mo & Kathy's Wedding

You can't make this stuff up. This is where the wedding was held...

It is a quaint little place in Decatur.

Mo and Kathy (left-to-right) are quite photogenic - not that they don't look great in person. I just think this shot is exceptional.
(Mo is a co-worker of Jill's, in case you are curious about the link...)

The decorations were quite tasteful - with pillar and votive candles, lanterns, and calla lillies. Green was the unifying theme with everything in varying shades of light green - from sage to seafoam to palest olive.

The brides walked each other down the aisle.
They were positively beside-themselves-gitty.

One bridesmaid apiece - Mo's best friend (left) and Kathy's sister.

Kathy's mom was emotional during her reading.
Very touching.

The vows were exchanged. Kathy's included choice lyrics from "Simply The Best" while Mo's included Sara McLachlan.

"You may now kiss the brides."
They wasted no time. I actually missed the kiss. This is the pull-away.

The recession - both gals are ecstatic.

Mo, the reverend, and Kathy.

Both families.

Mo and Kathy listen to the singer - who incidentally was really good.

Kathy serenades Mo.
(I forgot the name of the tune; it was sweet, but I didn't know it.)

Oh - cake feeding.
Gets a little messy - but still under control.

Mo's sister Vicky gives the brides a private toast.

Time to dance!

Jill and Mo dance in front of the camera.
[People in the background do scarecrow impressions.(?)]

Being so close to the ITP crew, we take the 10-minute trek to Meehan's, the standard hangout, and catch up with everyone.