June 10, 2006 - The Rhoades' Roast

The Pig-based Bacchanal (and wedding receiption)

So I flew in from Calgary the day before and met our friend, Kyle (who was coming from Vancouver), at the airport.
I took him to Rich's place where we had a drink and went to an Irish bar for chips and beers.
We got in around 2am.
The next morning, we're in the car by 4:30am and headed back down to Brookhaven to start the pigs.

Ralph and Norton slept in a trash can, all cozied-up in their plastic blankets (and ice).

Two pigs were a first for us, so we had a lot of volunteers who were excited to help out - 10 of us in all.

Dames locks Ralph (a 104 pounder) down by tying down his grates.

I lay the sandy beds and Rich lays the first round of coals.

I'm not sure what timezone the watch is on, but it is 5:45am in Atlanta.
The first round of work is done and we crack the Alberta Springs Gold Canadian Rye Whisky.

Farmer-Evan and Sergio chat as the coals blaze behind them.

Two pigs - roasted.
(Not many pictures for the next 8 hours.
We were working.)

Dames carefully examines the fruits of his passions.

My better side.

Kyle gnaws on his first freshly-grilled pig bone.

So, the White/Rhoades/Marshan clans have a little ceremony planned, but we don't know what it is...

They 'officially' adopted Jill and me into the family.
Too funny - and too cool. We were honored!

I double-fist with Bass and brunswick stew.
Perfect combo!

The party is in full swing.

Rich dreams of more pig (or perhaps a goat) as he poses with Mary-Ellen and his mom.

The Whip-It dance didn't have the same umph when you can't hear the stomp, but it was fun to do.
(The girl behind Kevin didn't quite get it.)

Sergio and Kelly start dancing (left of Kyle and Jill).
In the left foreground, Josh drinks alone...

Jill and Jason encourage Kelly in flip-cups - another pig-day tradition.

Larry thinks Kelly is "the man!"

Kyle's winning flipped cup.
He should put his winnings towards a whole pair of pants.

Dames and Haley giving dancing lessons.

Dames is just happy to be here!

Next round of flip-cups!

I love my Abigail.
Abs loves her Colt 45.

Kevin wins limbo (of course)...
Andy wisely decides to sit this round out.

...then celebrates with my wife by getting all Patrick Swayze on her Jennifer Gray.

Kyle passes out on the couch. This is just before I woke him up by pouring a shot of rye into his open mouth.

Hot-tubbing at Evan and Larry's new place.
Kevin, Jill, naked-Kyle, Sasha-the-sailor, Sarah's friend who hated me and Andy, Larry's magnificent chest, and Sarah's arm.

Kelly tells Sarah about Larry's massages (or something else flattering to a listening Lar-Bear).

Kyle passes out (part 3).