June 5-9, 2006 - Calgary Trip

a view of the Calgary skyline from the ridge by Garry's place.

Like a good Aussie, Garry takes his little roo, "Becca Jane," around the neighborhood in her own marsupium.

The Saddledome and Calgary.

This is a little after 10:30pm local time.

Route 1A - Calgary to Cochrane.

Loveley drive.

...it really is - gently rolling hills, dotted with cows and horses. The Canadian Rockies (or 'Bugaboos') in the distance. Nice...

Cochrane - looking down into the valley.

Thursday, there was a preseason football CFL game.
We have to go.

Here's something screwed up - you have to buy tickets for beer - max of 2 tickets per person...

Then, take your tickets to the "Beer Booth" to redeem for 12oz cans of Miller Lite or Molsen Canadian.

So, here's the view from out seats.

We really weren't that far from the field - it is just that much bigger than an American football field.

Calgary attempts a field goal to end the half down a more respectable 35-13, but they miss. The half ends 35-10 B.C. Lions. They go on to lose 56-13.

So - here is a good Canadian football chick. Five cans of beer in front of her. This is the start of the SECOND quarter.
That would be understandable in the winter when there are 18 hours of darkness and seasonal depression kicks in real good, but in summer with 18 hours of light?!?