May 27, 2006 - Seattle - Day 1

The little chubby guy and I bond.
This is the guy we came to see - Grim&Amanda's Charlie.
For reference, Charlie is who we helped move to Seattle. (Remember the pictures from the cross-country drive?)

We take a quick tour of Grim's workplace campus - Redmon, WA.

Cool area!

Plenty of distractions to help keep the work/life balance.

...and plenty of plaques and signs to remind you where you are.

[see comment above]

Grim's building - "220."

[see comment above]

Heading back from Redmon to Issaquah...

...on West Lake Samamish Road.

That would be the fabled Lake Samamamish.

Jill holds Charlie as we get ready for dinner.

Good looking kid...
Great looking girl!!

Momma eats and holds - holds and eats.

Look at this chunk playing with his belly! (He's 7 months old and 25lb!)

Daddy gets a hernia.

Pappa shows us just how many butt cheeks his kid has (3 on each side).

Momma gives baby (if you can still call him that) a bath in a really cool claw-foot.